Monday Evening Housegroup

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David Wright
Contact Number: 
David Wright 01332 733639

The Monday Evening House Group continues to meet fortnightly at 7.45pm at the home of David Wright, with up to ten of us meeting regularly.

We spend a few minutes chatting together in a relaxed and 'lighthearted' way. We value this part of our meetings as we share our different stories and experiences. An important part of being together is to offer ourselves and our meeting to God in prayer for His blessing and guidance. Also to pray for others who we feel are in need of our prayers.

Fellowship is a coming together of similarly minded people with a common purpose. Our purpose is to concentrate our thoughts more fully on what we believe as Christians and get to grips with some of the more difficult questions which confront us in our daily lives and in the 'modern world' in which we live.

We are continuing to use the York Courses and generally the courses we choose have been used at the Lent courses over the 5 weeks of Lent. They can be studied in much greater depth at the House Group and we have now started to study ‘Praise Him’ covering:1) Gratitude 2) Image of God3) Humility 4) New Birth and 5) Word made Flesh.

Anyone wishing to join us would be made very welcome.

David Wright