Christian Enquiry Agency

The Christian Enquiry Agency(CEA) provides information for people who want to find out about the Christian faith and its founder Jesus Christ.  The information is reliable, objective and given confidentially. 

It does not just give a version of Christianity adhered to by one particular denomination. Instead it attempts to explain and explore what Christians of all kinds believe.

CEA tries to respond to all enquirers by giving them what they ask for, and only what they ask for. It takes steps to ensure that no one is given information unsolicited. It does not seek to take the place of local churches. It is an agency of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and a registered charity. CEA works on behalf of all the major UK churches, and in partnership with many Christian organisations.

Find out more about the Christian Faith and its founder at


Convent of the Holy Name, Morley Road, Oakwood

The Convent is the main house and administrative centre of the Community in England. It is set on the edge of Derby in the suburb of Oakwood and about 20 sisters and novices live here. This is where we welcome visitors as well as new members of the Community.

We were given a warm welcome by the Diocese of Derby when we moved here in 1990. We maintain close links with the Cathedral, city centre parishes and many parishes elsewhere in the surrounding Derby and Nottingham area.

From the Convent we are also involved in outreach activities that include; retreat-giving, parish work, hospital volunteering, children’s work, and spiritual guidance.

The garden surrounding the Convent provides a place and peace and beauty both for the community and our visitors.

For more information please call 01332 671716 email: or check out the website


Derby Bible Week

Derby Bible Week is an event open to all Christians that happens once a year. It is organised by representatives of a number of churches in and around Derby - Anglican, Methodist, Baptist and Free Evangelical. It is affiliated with the Keswick Convention and shares its goal of deepening the spiritual life in individuals and church communities through the careful exposition and application of Scripture. So, once a year we have a speaker come and teach us from the Bible on consecutive evenings.

To find out more, check out the website

Children of Fiji Registered Charity 1082331

This charity aims to advance education, health and welfare, and to relieve poverty of children in Fiji. It has no political or religious affiliations and strives to help all children in need, irrespective of their gender, ability, ethnic origin, or religious belief. Allen Embley, our URC representative, organises collections on behalf of the charity.

For more information please go to  Registered Charity 1082331 (UK) and 630 (Fiji).
Children of Fiji can be contacted on 01300 320433, Fax 01300 321430

Derbyshire Women's Refuge (Swap Tears for Smiles charity)

Many women and children live under constant fear of domestic violence in their own home. Please help support our local refuge by donating toiletries, soap, toothpaste, flannels, hair brushes, nappies, children's clothes, babies bottles, bibs etc.

For more information please contact Julie Corden on Julie is an active member of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Mickleover's 'Women on Wednesday' group and is on the Charity's committee.The following is taken from the Church's website:

Women on Wednesday - Link with Local Women’s Refuge

Domestic violence is a pressing moral issue in today’s society; it is often hidden and may go unreported for years. ‘Violence against women is the greatest human rights scandal of our times’[1] affecting the lives of women everywhere regardless of wealth, culture, race or religion.

Women on Wednesday developed strong links with a local refuge after hearing a talk about domestic violence in the UK; we were horrified to hear: -  


·       1 in 4 UK women experience domestic violence at some time in their lives

·       2 women a week are killed by their partner/ex-partner

·       1 incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute  


Parishioners and others concerned about domestic violence have very generously supported us. We have a box in the Gathering Area every two or three months and anyone can put items they think would help any women and children fleeing their home.

 Mothers often come in with their children, from babies up to teenagers.  They desperately need basic items such as toiletries, talc, soap, flannels, sponges, toothpaste and toothbrushes, women’s knickers, hair brushes, babies bottles, bibs, dummies, nappies, towels etc. and we would welcome any items you think appropriate.

Strong links have been developed with the charity arm of the local refuge 'Swap Tears for Smiles', which we hope will develop and grow.

Last Christmas we collected Christmas presents for the mothers and their children and were overwhelmed with the response. At Easter we sent Easter Eggs for all those in the refuge.

Thank you so much for your continuing generous support. Everything is greatly appreciated.

By Easter, there were nineteen Mums, two babies and thirty-eight children in the refuge. There are fifteen self-contained flats (five one-bedroom flats and ten two-bedroom apartments). Recently, a new project has been set up (the Butterfly Project) with further accommodation to support mothers and their children who have suffered from domestic violence and drug and/or alcohol problems.

Recent Women on Wednesday Support for the Women’s Refuge

Members have made bags and filled them with basic items Mums would need in their flat at the refuge. We have also made pump-bags for the children, making 19 bags for Mums, and 31 bags for the children. These will be distributed when new Mums and children come into the refuge. 

The refuge is for vulnerable families, and the welcome pack gift bags give the Mums the basic items to make them feel more at home. The gift bags also make the children feel special, and keep them occupied when they first arrive.

We have investigated the provisions needed by Mums for the welcome boxes, and here are some items to give you ideas:


Pasta and sauce, 

Tinned tomatoes,

Long-Life milk,

Tin of baked beans,

Packet of dried noodles,   

Packet of dried savoury rice,

Tin of minced beef/tuna/hot dog sausages,

Bubble bath, 


Small packet of sugar,





Crisps (snack foods),


Jaffa cakes, 


Tin opener,  


Toilet Roll,


Roll-on deodorant,


We hope to collect Christmas presents for Mums and children in mid-November, as well as items for the welcome boxes, and any other items for mothers and children you think appropriate.

Thank you everyone for the amazing support you give to help everyone in the refuge

Swap Tears for Smiles, the residents of Refuge and the Butterfly Project would like to thank you for your donations.